The No1 Rusk for minced meat products.

Produced with the traditional slow bread making method.

Consistent, with strict microbiological specifications.

Capable of absorbing water 2-3 times its weight without becoming soft and pasty.

Accommodates the mixing procedure and gives a homogenous and more juicy product.

Available in various sizes, from fine powder to coarse and also from whole wheat flour.

Ideal also as filler and carrier.


High quality breadcrumbs, classic, whole wheat and bio.

Exclusive recipe, selected ingredients to ensure minimum oil absorption and maximum crunchiness.

Ideal for coating of meat, fish, cheese and vegetables.

Can be cooked in the pan, in the oven and in the microwave oven.

Available in various colours and sizes.


Variety of batters for different applications, adhesive and tempura. Excellent behavior both in chilled and frozen conditions.

Ensure fine binding between the substrate and the breadcrumb and they prohibit moisture transfer for the inner to the outer part of the product.

PREDUST: Highly functional products used for dusting in difficult applications with high moisture levels, before applying the batter.

GLUTEN FREE: Rusk and Breadcrumbs gluten free. Produced in separate facilities than the convenient ones. Gluten level < 5 ppm.

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